Weekly Chart

We Are: The Guardians, you should know the drill by now -- so I won’t bore you with minute details. I hope you’re all gearing for the long weekend ahead, and I know damn well y’all are gonna need some fresh tunes to pair with all the hot dogs and burgers you’re trying to eat at the BBQ (also, did my invite get lost in the mail? Come on, guys, I’m a blast on Memorial Day!).

So, we offer you this week’s Spotify playlist, packed with songs that’ll make you popular with your friends and your next door neighbor. Let’s get lit.

First up is jesse saint john’s brand new single, “FAKE IT” which we have been playing non-stop for the past week since its premiere. Revel in its synth pop glory, and ride that high to the next track by Disclosure, which will have you on your feet like… well, EVERY other Disclosure song ever made. ‘Cause that’s what they do best.

We have Temi Oni’s debut single, “Pull Up On You” after that, taking a turn for the ominous -- and oddly seductive. The Maryland singer refuses to hold back, in a similar way that “Mayday” by the Go! Team packs a punch. Both are sonically different but carry the same energy.

“Solo” by Clean Bandit is next, and this Billboard-ready pop song (with featured vocals by Demi Lovato) is honestly giving Ariana Grande’s break-up anthem a run for its money. Its whimsical chorus makes it an instant stand-out on the playlist for this week. Fun fact: Demi is featured twice on our list with Christina Aguilera, because Christina is queen and I’ll have absolutely NONE of what y’all say that is the opposite of that statement.

The playlist continues with more of our favorite artists. outsideOUTSIDE make an appearance with their new heart-wrenching single and I suppose we should be sorry for this, but we here on the site just think “Comatose” will help you all open up a little more.

Rounding out the playlist are major vibes coming from Poolside’s recent release, as well as the ultra loungey “Me & You” by HONNE to soundtrack the suntanning that I hope you will take advantage of.

And of course, Cardi B. Because duh.

So laugh, cry. Pour yourself a drink and relax on your loooong days off this coming weekend and blast this sh*t as loud as you can. Peace!