Ladies, Gentlemen, distinguished guests, Drake stans, the moment has arrived. Time to get all the way turnt and dance with the confidence of a crossfaded white girl at a music festival

Cuz the latest We Are: The Guard Weekly Charts has arrived. Plug in some headphones, queue up our playlist on Spotify, and prepare to bliss out.

We start where things so often do, with boys. Lizzo, the Queen Peach herself, dropped her newests single “Boys” this week and it’s absolutely perfect. If you’re late to the party on the Minneapolis-based alternative hip hop artist, we’ll let it slide this once. But you best educate yourself. Start by watching the video to “Boys” below.



After that we’ve got Gallant and A$AP Ferg’s winning collaboration “Doesn’t Matter (Remix)”. Avid readers already know all about this jam.&nbsp

Next up there’s the latest single from our digital overlords Gorillaz, “Hollywood”, which features Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle. 

Speaking of Snoop Dogg, did y’all know he’s a gospel singer now? He’s charting-topping genre debut Bible of Love dropped in February. Somewhat unsurprisingly, there was some pushback from people within the gospel ranks who were less than pleased with Snoop dipping his toes in their water.  His response is probably the greatest thing that has happened in 2018. 



Speaking of hip-hop luminaries, Kanye West is on the chart with “Violent Crimes”, off Ye. Finally, the hyper-reductionist ‘as a father of a daughter’ movement has an anthem. 

The newly engaged Ariana Grande graces our presence with her most ambitious cut to date, “the light is coming”. Pharrell’s production helps, as does Nicki Minaj, who’s also involved here.  It’s safe to say Ms. Minaj been a good influence on the future Mrs. Davidson*. 

We won’t be seeing Uncle Drew in theatres or in another setting, but that won’t keep us from enjoying Leikeli47’s glorious “Chain Gang (ft. Clyde Guevara)” from the soundtrack. 

There’s really something for everyone here, including multiple Sophie’s. “Paper Cut” by Sophie Simmons is a sharp and refreshing take on indie pop, as well as the type of song that’ll be lowkey stuck in your head for weeks. Up and Coming Queer Artist SOPHIE stops by with “Immaterial” off her highly anticipated debut LP OIL OF EVERY PEARL’s UN-INSIDES. 

Need some weepy and beautiful acoustic-drive anthems? Well, you can’t do much better than “1975” by Billy Raffoul. And MYGAWD his vocals on this track. 

There’s a whole lot more goodness in store that we didn’t touch on here, so stop reading and keep listening. 

* Apologies are due for suggesting Ariana is gonna take someone else's last name. She won’t commercially, but here’s to hoping she doesn’t in any realm.