Teddybears-Drop a Bear Deuce


A deuce (for those uninitiated) meaning a dump, taking a #2, dropping the kids off at the pool, sinking the U-boat,make an evacuation...whatever you might call it.  So here's the new song "Cardiac Arrest" by Teddybears feat. Robyn.


"Cardiac Arrest" - Teddybears

It pretty much pains me to hear this downgrade...not just of the Teddybears but moreso Robyn, who just has made one pop song masterpiece after another...especially on her last "Body Talk" series  But this?  
This sounds like a song that couldn't even make the last Black Eyed Peas album.  And that's pretty bad.  If Teddybears made a conscious decision to go more mainstream and dumb down, they have succeeded.
"Cardiac Arrest?"  More like "Credibility Arrest"   Or maybe I'm completely wrong.  What do you think?  I look forward to your letters (as Craig Ferguson would say). 
But here's Robyn at her finest.  "Body Talk 1-3" should have gotten more recognition (and sales wouldn't hurt either).
"Dancing On My Own" - Acoustic Live


"Hang With Me" - Live