Washington alternative duo The Analog Affair have been pumping out positive jams for some time now, and this past week they added another best new track, “Under Current.”

When you add “Under Current” to “We Were Lovers” and really the rest of the Wild EP, it becomes clear that The Analog Affair is putting together quite a catalog. Like most of their work, “Under Current” starts down-tempo before ultimately morphing into some sort of dance track. “Under Current” is propelled by an acoustic guitar, which immediately brings to mind Empires of the Sun, although there’s less falsetto here but possibly more synth. If you’re a fan of indie dance music, or just a fan of good music in general you owe it to yourself to listen to this track. What are you waiting for? Stream it below:



Somehow The Analog Affair remains unsigned, although that will change before the calendar turns to 2015. You can download “Under Current” for free on the above widget, but you already knew that (probably). Speaking of free downloads, you can name your price for the Wild EP on The Analog Affair bandcamp.

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