Ma$e x Diddy x Biggie x Penguin Prison


Do you like mashups? What about songs that you can't help but dance to? Or even just the feeling of happiness? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then today's Latest Music Tracks will be to your liking. Listen below to The Hood Internet's latest opus, "Fuck With Mo' Money (Ma$e x Diddy x Biggie x Penguin Prison)."


Based on their previous work, I'm really starting to think these guys can do no wrong. The songs are simplistic and they always get out of the way, letting the sampled tracks do the heavy lifting as opposed to trying to pull whatever the DJ equivalent to 'flexing nuts' (I'm looking at you, DJ Earworm) is for their own glory.

You can download this snippet by clicking the button that says, you guessed it, "download." The full version of this ridiculously awesome song is available on Mixtape Volume Six, which is available over at the guys' official site.

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