The Hood Internet - Most Excellent Mash Up


There's a magical art to a great mash up.  Recent ones such as Metallica vs Lady Gaga "Enter Telephone" and "California Jump" (Katy Perry Vs Van Halen) are just 2 of my favorite recent ones.

And we've all heard mashups that for sure don't work. And that's why the Hood Internet...well, you just got to give the props to.  Somewhere out there...well, I just want to say you are a real American hero and this Bud's for you.  

Here's their latest.."The Pains of Going Hammer" (Soulja Boy vs Pains Of Being Pure At Heart).

The Hood Internet - The Pains Of Going Hammer (Soulja Boy x The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart) by hoodinternet


Also I'm loving their remix of Shapers "Father Trout

SHAPERS - Father Trout (The Hood Internet Remix) by hoodinternet