The Muppets - "Mahna Mahna" plus Kanye!


I must have been having a flash back to the mid 80s (or something) where The Muppets were totally cutting edge entertainment.  And you know what...they still are!  God Bless The Muppets and Jim Henson.  

For some reason I had a hankering for some "Mahna Mahna"...this great piece where a cool jazzer muppet...just can't stick to the song and ends up venturing out with his own improv.  

It's such a great little tune...even Kayne thinks so too.  Check out "Gold Mahna Mahna" here in this deluxe MashUp!  And if you like this...check us out on  We've got loads of the filtered Best of Mashups up there.

Here's Kanye West vs Muppets with "Gold Mahna Mahna" 

Gold Mahna Mahna (Kanye West Vs. The Muppets) by BitCandy

Mahna Mahna!!