Film: The Pusher Trilogy (Danish 1996-2006)


Like I’ve been saying, the Danish and Swedish peeps seem to be making all the best thrillers lately (aka ‘Let The Right One In,’ ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ series) and the 'Pusher Trilogy' ('Pusher,' 'Pusher 2: With Blood On My Hands,' 'Pusher 3: I'm The Angel of Death') from director Nicolas Winding Refn solidifies this statement.

This raw and intense film series explores the underbelly of the Copenhagen underworld. A provocative eye-opener, this trilogy exposes us to the harsh truths of the drug culture, and the real deal about gangster lifestyle: ruthless, unforgiving, and low-class.  

Strangely and surprisingly, not one of the gangster films where the pushers party in exclusive clubs, live in grand mansions or have luxurious lifestyles.  No … they are just getting by with the circumstances of life.
All three movies are superb and unforgettable, but if I were to rate each installment, 'Pusher' would be good; 'Pusher 2,' better; and 'Pusher 3,' wow…incredible…the best!  Some real crazy shit!
And while each film can be seen separately, the Pusher Trilogy shares recurring characters and intertwining plots throughout the series, making it an incredible tapestry of an organized crime movie.
It’s also very interesting to take a peek into the lives of the different main characters like tough Frank in the Pusher 1; first-time father Tony in Pusher 2; and drug lord Milo in Pusher 3.
That being said, Pusher Trilogy must be watched consecutively to fully grasp its essence as the last film in the series, Pusher 3 definitely takes everything to the next level. 
So, international film and action lovers, if you are a fan of the 'Godfather Trilogy,' 'Scarface,' 'City of God,' it’s time to watch this brutal, unpretentious, and surprisingly poignant cult classic. 
The New York Times called the Trilogy a ‘delectably nasty epic’ and The Guardian refers to it as ‘The European Sopranos.'  We couldn’t agree more.  Time to get your Danish on.   Oh p.s. like Nancy Reagan once said just ‘Say No’ to drugs.  
'Pusher' revolves around Frank (Kim Bodnia), an average Copenhagen drug dealer who gets busted and arrested by the cops after a huge drug deal turns sour. He has 48-hours to pay debts to his supplier, Milo (Zlatko Buric), otherwise he dies.
'Pusher 2 - With Blood On My Hands' is about Frank’s long lost business associate, Tonny (Mads Mikkelsen), who is freshly out of jail and discovers that he has a baby boy. While keen on abandoning crime life forever, his new condition makes it difficult for him to resist the temptation of some quick and easy drug money.
'Pusher 3 - I'm The Angel of Death' turns the spotlight to the drug lord, Milo (Zlatko Buric), as he juggles his time preparing his only daughter’s 25th birthday, attending rehab meetings, unscrewing a messed up drug transaction, and defending his throne against a new breed of Albanian criminals.