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Hi Duffster...glad that you found BitCandy and you've been, for lack of better words, "totally crushing" on the New Artist Finds on the site and turning us on to some great stuff through our Curator program. What's your secret to your discovery process on finding new exciting music not yet on most people's radar?

Cheers, a purple patch I had/have of late. I guess if you dig long enough you'll unearth something decent among the cluster fuck of music on the net.

I used to surf youtube at random (still do, just not as often). It's a good source - as is Spotify (albeit a shit search engine). I have premium there so can create multiple offline playlists that could be interesting, and listen to it at work.

Festival line-ups and facebook can throw up nice finds, more the latter as I find that the band/artist you already follow in turn can lead you to new music.

Other methods remain all cloak 'n' dagger in hope of landing me someone you sign, huh huh.

You're from Glasgow, Scotland so 2 part question: how did you stumble upon BitCandy, and what's the music scene like in Glasgow? Are there any potential "next big things" coming out of your hometown? 

At random, I recall it was searching The Lumineers via Google images and in the background to said image was Bitcandy, Huzzah! my best random find yet.

How best to describe Glasgow's music scene that'll relate with the Bitcandy reader... DOPE! The grassroots music scene here is buzzing & always has been. It breaks my balls that way too many are overlooked. I have long said this is down to the Glaswegian "twang;" our accent is so strong it can't be hidden vocally, which results in an acquired taste imho. We have tons of venues here. My favourite is King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, which NME tag with "Quite possibly the finest small venue in the world." It's renowned for producing the best emerging talent in the UK. Oasis were signed here, Radiohead, Biffy Clyro & Snow Patrol to name a few all emerged here. If you ever visit you'll see the impressive "Walk Of Fame" of the bands to progress from Tuts.

CHVRCHES is one of my most antcipated, Lauren Mayberry joining and has since re-done all vocals on their work. The debut album could be pretty damn tidy. They apparently have loads of songs written, which is no surprise as Doherty & Cook go back years, so I don't see them being the sort to fade after this intial hype bubble bursts.

More under the radar are Paws, Happy Particles, Discopolis, The Imagineers, and Olympic Swimmers. Miaoux Miaoux, a Glasgow producer, is remixing some great shit too.

I have a hunch that people who have great taste in music generally have great taste in other things. Any movies or other entertainment that you would recommend that might have "slipped through the cracks?" Personally I'm a big fan of those amazing "sleeper" movies that no one knows about.

I like raw Australian flicks, Snowtown & The Loved Ones being two I'd throw out. Closer to home? Peter Mullen's Glasgow gang flick - NEDS. 

I heart a good TV series, I just blitzed the entire Breaking Bad series this summer after holding back on the hype, fuck yeah it was awesome. Look forward to that conclusion + Game Of Thrones returning next spring. From the UK? Uhm... check out the BBC comedy 'Him & Her.' The new series returned last week - just gets better. I'll place a dollar the rights will be sold to your side 2013/14 for the American version.

What are the Top 3 artists you think could be "the" artists for 2013?

I reckon most will be found on Bitcandy already as you guys are in general ahead of the times. Latest find Postaijonen I'll side with. I also feel Sea Lion will be more a success in 2013 albeit on her second album, she's still hard to source even on youtube. Dark Horses who just supported Sigur Ros (Swede theme here) could be huge. 

I have a small blog that I started last month purely for fun. I can talk shit at best, but I can't wax lyrical per se. However, between the inane scribbles, there should be decent music selected from the volume I get through. I have a few bands following the blog and sending their music, which is refreshing, and just turned my hand interviewing a small interesting band by the name of Statues Made Of Matchsticks who are heading some great Finnish grassroots folk that I'm enjoying. Shameless advertising there to get a follow or two ha! 

Desert Stars + Eliza And The Bear will be among those for 2013 I intend posting on.

Very interesting, and is there anyone on your list that was totally overlooked in 2012 and should have taken off? Maybe that artist is on your 2013 list?

I liked King Tuff & The Minutes' albums this year but thought they got little exposure.

What are you doing when you're not discovering new bands and artists?

I'm a humble Greenkeeper/Landscaper and father of three, eldest being 14 years old and a keen golfer, and just as eager to show me up with his skillz on the course. My job is looking after bowling greens, tennis courts & private estates, which means hours working alone, just Me, Myself & Ipod - great perk and way to enjoy a physical job. Have you tried mowing a green in the cold rain whilst listenting to Bon Iver, or chopping a tree limb on a crisp winter morning whilst Ludovico Einaudi plays? It's pretty inspiring stuff. Love my soccer; Glasgow Celtic FC is my supported team and collecting anything Pink Floyd and... a fine malt whisky!


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