Pusha T "Millions (feat. Rick Ross)"


Last week in a post about the most anticipated hip hop albums of 2013. Pusha T's My Name is My Name was number 7 on our list, mainly because it's a great title (The Wire reference!!!), and also because of "Mr. Me Too."  I am willing to give anything or anyone from Clipse at least a part of a listen.

Now before his debut album, Pusha will be unleashing his Wrath of Cain mixtape on the the world. The latest new song he's leaked off his forthcoming mixtape, "Millions," has a little something for everyone.

Beef between co-producers Southside and Rico Beats?


Ostentatious Rap God Rick Ross talking about finger-fucking a ferrari?


Pusha being his usual bad ass self?

Um, yeah.

Check out "Millions (feat. Rick Ross)" below:

If you're like me, i.e. white, affluent and sheltered, and you have no idea what the hook on this song means, allow the good folks over at Rap Genius to elaborate:

Millions in the ceiling = Keeping your money safe by putting it in the upper interior surface of a room as opposed to a bank
Choppers in the closet = Heavy artillery, i.e. AK's, Uzis, MAC-10's, etc., stashed in a wardrobe.

And there you have it.

My Name is My Name is currently slated to drop in March of this year, with Wrath of Cain dropping shortly before that. Here's to hoping WoC comes out sooner than later.

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