Instant Fail: T Mills "Vans On"


Today in our Blogs On Music, we're bringing you the #1 most added at U.S. pop radio this week, T Mills "Vans On."  Not that it's any good, mind you.  

T Mills is brought to you by the same A&R executive, Mark Williams, who championed another flash travesty, Kreayshawn (p.s. does anyone know where this next Kreayshawn single is BTW?  HINT: There won't be another one), T Mills is the next artist heading instantly to the I.F. category (aka "Instant Fail").

Really...Would you want to hang out with this guy or a douchebag.  I mean a real douchegag.  They both would smell, but at least one would not be a Poser.

Gotta love the "middle finger" in this video…whoa you crazee boyeeee!   Shit!  You Edgy!  And your earrings look like their custom made for stereo cock rings.

girls middle finger


You look at this "guy" and mmm yeah…these lyrics ring true???:  

"I'm on my pimp shit"
"They call me a bad mutha fucka"

Yeah ... RIGHT!

So far the best thing this guy is achieving is the # of dislikes on this video.

Some of the best comments via YouTube: 

- lol hes got the butch lesbian look down pat.

- haha some black dude wrote this shit for him. this clown is talking about gold grills, but where???

- hear it on the radio "that is pretty nice!" / sees the music video "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?

Sorry bro, you made me do it.


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