Today's Candy: Air "Sexy Boy"


A great deal of people were introduced to the truly wonderful "Sexy Boy" by way of an Axe commercial.

When I first heard this song by the peerless French duo Air, I honestly thought it was inspired by "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. (What can I say, I was white trash for some of the formative years of my life/still am.)

I later learned it was the lead single off the debut album of the band that did the soundtrack for The Virgin Suicides (The way I categorize music doesn't make sense to me either).

I loved this song immediately; how could you not? But it was the trippy, partially-animated video that made it one of my all time favorites.

Here's that clever Axe commercial BTW:

The first couple times I've heard this song I thought the only lyrics were the chorus. Turns out the verses, which I had mistaken for electronic noise, were just in French. And those verse lyrics are actually pretty great as well. Check 'em out below.


Sexy boy, sexy boy

Où sont tes héros aux corps d'athlètes Où sont tes idoles mal rasées, bien habillées (Where are your heroes with bodies like athletes Where are your rough shaven, well dressed idols)

Sexy boy, sexy boy

Dans leurs yeux des dollars Dans leurs sourires des diamants Moi aussi un jour je serai beau comme un Dieu (Dollars in their eyes Diamonds in their smiles One day I too will be beautiful like a god)

Sexy boy, sexy boy

Apollon deux mille zéro défaut vingt et un an C'est l'homme ideal charme au masculin (Apollo, perfect x 2000, 21 years old The ideal man, masculine charm.)

Sexy boy, sexy boy


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