Doobie Brothers "What a Fool Believes‬"


I have a secret obsession with reading the comments section on Youtube. Even though I have never encountered anything remotely redeemable and whole-heartedly believe that only the bottom dredges of society post there, I can't help but read them for every video I watched.

Naturally I read them as I watched countless videos for Today's Candy:‪ "What a Fool Believes‬" by the ‪Doobie Brothers‬. There are roughly 37 different versions of this song, so I had a lot of comments to sort through.

The best comment I found was from rebanx1, who offered up this gem: "One of the best band to come out of the USA… pure class."

For some reason this absolutely killed me. It offers nothing in the way of commentary for this sublime retro jam, but I think it's worth ruminating on while you listen to it below:


This song is a classic for a number of reasons, the main one of course being that it proves white boys can play some funky music as well. This song is oozing with earnest and authenticity, and while the sound is certainly a little dated, it stands the test of time for me thanks to the harmonies and instrumental work.

Check out the lyrics below:

He came from somewhere back in her long ago
The sentimental fool dont see
Tryin hard to recreate
What had yet to be created once in her life

She musters a smile
For his nostalgic tale
Never coming near what he wanted to say
Only to realize
It never really was

She had a place in his life
He never made her think twice
As he rises to her apology
Anybody else would surely know
Hes watching her go

But what a fool believes he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems to be
Is always better than nothing
And nothing at all keeps sending him...

Somewhere back in her long ago
Where he can still believe theres a place in her life
Someday, somewhere, she will return

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