Today's Candy: GusGus - David/Desire


GusGus may have the most temperamental line up in music history, but, somehow, their epicness always endures!

I first discovered this Icelandic collective in 2000 at the Miami Winter Music Conference. Some crazy Norwegian guy was going out of his mind that GusGus was performing at the pool party there. He kept yelling: "It's GusGus! It's GusGus!” Well, he actually pronounced it “GooseGoose!” Funny times... anyways... I digress!


David” and “Desire” are my two favorite GusGus tracks. And hopefully these lost classics will act as a tasty taster for those of you who are yet to discover these Nordic necromancers!

Both tracks are lifted from GusGus' fourth album, Attention, which dropped in 2002. The album saw the band adopt a fresh sonic approach which I officially deem “classy electroclash-inflected euro-house.”


And as an added bonus, here is a remix of “Desire,” featuring The Stone Roses' Ian Brown on vocals!


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