Revisit: Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels"


In 1985, Tears for Fears dropped “Head Over Heels,” one of the most E-P-I-C tracks of the 80s (and believe me, there was a LOT of competition) (I mean, what was it with Brits and their incredible 80s toons).

This song is lifted from Tears for Fears' second LP, Songs from the Big Chair, which was #1 in the US for five freekin' weeks!

Co-founder, Roland Orzabal, said of “Head Over Heels”:

“It is basically a love song and one of the most simple tracks that Tears for Fears have ever recorded. It is a love song that goes a bit perverse at the end.”

Check out the official video below! It's crazzzzzzzzy!


And how about the literal video version, too? Funny times!


“Head Over Heels” also featured in the following scene from Donnie Darko, which director, Richard Kelly, revealed he wrote especially for the song! Wowza!

(Btw, if you haven't seen Donnie Darko, go rent it, right NOW! It's AMAZEBALLS!)


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