Todays Candy: Travis covers Britney


This is not a new song by any means...nor a new cover.  

But that's what our little corner on Today's Candy is often about...remembering and showcasing past moments of awesome in our blogs on music.

Which brings us to Travis' cover of Britney Spears "...One More Time" from 1999.  Travis apparently did it conceptually "for a laugh," but in the process discovered "it's a well crafted has that magic thing."

And yes it certainly it does.  

Speaking of which, "...One More Time" was just the start for Swedish music pop songwriting legend Max Martin who went on to make a ridiculous amount of hits for other people...which ones?  Hmm...any smash from Pink, Katy Perry, Britney, Adam Lambert...etc...his name is probably on it.

So let's "Raise A Glass" to quote a Max Martin line, to great pop music.  Pop Music can be cool   This is some of it.

Oh and for a bit of retrospective / blast from the past, here's Britney's original.