Well would you look at that, our old friend Tom Misch is back with another cool song, "Moving Faster."

Fresh off a trip from Vietnam, Misch returned to his native London with a head full of fresh ideas having spent part of his trip listening to a grip of new music. Soon as he got his Logic Pro back, he cranked out this silky smooth cut. "Moving Faster" starts with a horn hook that carries the song throughout and a slow drizzle of piano. The percussions build in the background, eventually pushing things towards mid-tempo. On the outro the foolishly talented Mr. Misch lays down a sexy guitar that's certain to… I should probably just stop now.

What I'm trying to say is the song's really good and you should listen to it below:



Tom Misch is overing up "Moving Faster" as a free download. All you have to do is Like him on Facebook.

If you're looking for more information on Mr. Misch, here's the New Artist Find on him from a while back.

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