Top Chill Out Music - Week 42 2013

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As yet another working week draws to a close, even for - oh snap - the government, it's time to wind down with some top chill out music! Many thanks to all of those Curators who helped me out with this week's pickings from Forest Sword, Tycho, Retro Culture and even more. If you think that you've got what it takes to contribute to our weekly roundups, then go sign up to be a Curator?



RY X & Frank Wiedemann “Shortline”

RY X and Frank Wiedemann have unveiled a video accompanying the Howling cut, “Shortline.” A black and white visual featuring the gorgeous Nana Agypong, it's sure to undress your heartstrings.


Sigur Rós “Rafstraumur (Cyril Hahn Remix)”

Sigur Rós are one of my favorite bands. Cyril Hahn is one of my favorite producers. This is truly a match made in heaven. Lovely animations from Sigga Björg accompany his edit of “Rafstraumur.”


Forest Sword “Thor's Stone”

I first unveiled “Thor's Stone,” from the producer, Forest Swords, in July, and the Liverpudlian has just uploaded this for video the Engravings number, starring a disturbingly agile young gentleman.


A$AP Rocky “Phoenix (Kill Them With Colour Remix)”

Many thanks to The Vibe Guide for turning me on to this reworking from the duo, Kill Them With Colour. Who'd thought A$AP Rocky, Cinematic Orchestra and SWV could sound so fucking chill?


Submerse “Melonkoly”

The gifted, and mad prolific, producer, Submerse, drops yet another EP, Melonkoly, on Mooncircle this month. The title cut, a slice of ambient experimentalism, takes your senses to a different place.


Tycho “Awake”

Graphic artist turned minimalistic producer genius, Tycho, is preparing to drop a fourth album, and is offering up the first taste, “Awake,” on Soundcloud. I'm really liking the prominent use of guitar.


Lana Del Rey “Blue Jeans (Manila Killa Remix)”

Another epic reworking brought to my attention by The Vibe Guide. Manila Killa drenches Lana's vocal in soaking wet reverb, then takes it to another level of chill by coating it in a percussive beat.


Retro Culture “Let's Make It Work” (Curator Beca)

Everything about this, from the band name, to the artwork, to the actual song itself, is throwing me back to a moonlit beach in Melbourne in the 1980s. Look out, everyone, I'm going skinny dipping.


KILN “Boro”

Another cut taken from KILN's upcoming third album, Meadow Watt, here. Much like “Star Field” before it, “Boro” is an intricate, unpredictable composition, combining flutes and static percussion.


Mooryc “FATPOD-30”

To celebrate his first release on the label, Freude Am Tanzen, Berlin producer, Mooryc, has created a mix of his favorite music, featuring Burial, Fever Ray, The Rakes, James Blake, Moby and more.


That's it for the top chill out music of the week, hipsters! Don't forget, if you'd like to contribute to any of our weekly roundups, including out top indie, Electro or Indie Pop pages then go sign up to be a Curator!

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