Best EDM / Electro House - Week 38 2013

Best of EDM & Electro

You ready for a smattering of EDM, electro house, techno, and more? You’d better be, cause it’s coming at you fast. This is and we are Uncle Flex and Glitch, here to make you dance. We have a wide variety of dance music for you today, so open up your mind and prepare to find a new favorite subgenre.


Daft Punk - Lose Yourself To Dance

Yes it's true, the Frenchmen get their fashion stylings lifted right ouf of Mighty Boosh and Vince Noir's "mirrorball" suit.  Whoopi Goldberg looks great on guitar...had no idea she could play.   


Midnight Conspiracy - Nebula [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Here’s a little something that will get the blood going.


Figure - Horns of the Apocalypse EP (OWSLA)

OWSLA has become synonymous with aggressive dubstep. Here’s five full tracks to get your rocks off to.


Just A Beat (A-Trak remix)

OWSLA is releasing Jack Beats Remixed Vol 2 on September 23rd. Make sure to pick it up so you can have this remix and many more!


Basstard Slayerz - Goldbass (Freemasons Edit)

Edit of a classic. It’s French Touch at its finest! The reintroduction of the bass in the bridge gets us every time.


scntst - Wind & Water

Taking it down a notch is scntst. “Wind & Water” wraps up the Percee Scan EP, which can be listened to in full from scntst’s soundcloud. The EP covers a range of styles and sounds that will delight everyone who wants something a little different from their music.


Luxury J.A.W.S

Bright filtered synths are the highlight of this easy going track.


Popeska & xKore - Back Dat Thing Up

Get a load of the bass on this one.


Prince Club & Havard Bass - 'Canixo'

Toolroom Records has started to become a favorite around here. While their tracks are deep, it’s the kind of stuff that anyone can listen to. Here we have some deep house track to jam on. We can’t wait for the release of this one.


Kavinsky - Odd Look (A-Trak Remix)

Holy shit. This track is so sick. It’s not the usual remix that you would expect from A-Trak, especially from a Kavinsky track. The blend of hip hop on electro is undeniably awesome and will get you dancing in your chair for sure.


Alex Gopher - No Drop EP (Teaser) - Original + NTEIBINT remix+ Shinichi Osawa remix

Check out this teaser of Alex Gopher’s No Drop EP, which has the original track blended with two remixes.


Slayer - Raining Blood (Aylen Remix)

Slayer dubstep remix? Sign us up.


Tiga Vs Audion - Let's Go Dancing

Great minimal house with the warmth of Tiga.


That’s it for this weeks instalment of the top dance songs the internet has to offer. We hope it wasn’t too overwhelming for you. We’ll have more next week, but if you need a new music fix between then and now, go check out Best Indie Songs!