Top Indie Bands (Week 40) 10 Curated Picks 2013

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By the time you read this, Breaking Bad would've come to its undoubtedly catastrophic end! Even the government are taking a day off to recover, yo! And what better way to get over the demise of the greatest show in television history, than with the top indie bands of the week? Thanks to the Curators who helped me out with this week's pickings from MØ, Crystal Fighters, Moby and even more, bitch!



Moby “Don't Love Me (Feat. Inyang Bassey)”

Stop everything! Moby's new album, Innocents, is out today, and you've got to hear it. “Don't Love Me,” which Moby describes as the “most conventional, sexy song on the album,” is the groovy shit!


MØ “Never Wanna Know”

Stop everything! 's new song, “Never Wanna Know,” is out today, and you've got to hear it. It's as if Lana Del Rey has just discovered the joys of A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector, you dig?


Crystal Fighters “LA Calling”

As I wave goodbye to the Crystal Palace that is Breaking Bad, that bunch of unshaven Paul Simons, Crystal Fighters, are back with a video in the form of a kaleidoscopic tour montage for “LA Calling.”


Mary Epworth “September”

Mary Epworth, the sister of English producer, Paul Epworth, takes the psychedelia, traditional folk, electro pop and glam rock of her motherland, and clusterfucks them on her new single, “September.”


Pixies “Monkey Gone To Heaven”

Hey kids, once upon a time, Pixies were awesome! Ignore all the fucking crap that Frank Black and co are putting out now, minus Kim Deal. Work backwards from Trompe le Monde for the real shit!


Quasimoto “Brothers Can't See Me”

Time for some boom bap from Quasimoto, 'cause I'm the number one chick, ain't need no hype, and the capital B means I'm 'bout dat life. For more from Madlib's alter ego, check out this compilation!


Chelsea Wolfe “Feral Love”

Grab your black varnish and velvet choker, as tonight is night of the living goths! Female sovereign, Chelsea Wolfe, is back with Pain Is Beauty, and here is the opener, the evil intending “Feral Love.”


Say Lou Lou “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Tame Impala Cover)”

Hipster twins, Say Lou Lou, recently unveiled a cover of “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.” The duo strip Tame Impala's groove back and take it to another place, that place being your wet dreams!


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