Top Indie of the Week - Pt 2!


 Booyah!...Double installment this week of Best Indie for 2012!?  But...Why?  Cuz those indie bands and hipsters rocked it with da hot jams (eww that sounded corny).   We posted our Pt 1 of 10 + new indie favorites earlier in the week here.   And now we’re dropping the deuce.  Except instead of a smelly deuce ours smell like roses.  Let’s get started on some additional ridiculous awesomeness we’re filtering up for you:



The xx - Unfold



One of the better track from the new The xx album Coexist.  We’ve created a new genre for The xx based on this album.  It’s called “snoozecore.”   Pretty underwhelmed with the new album as you can read here.  


Coldplay - Fix You (Fauxe Remix)  FREE Download!



Earlier in the week we brought you a new find from one of our Curators (hey you can be one too), Fauxe...check out his great remix here of Coldplay’s “Fix You.”  


Teeel - My Girl



We’ve been following Teel for a should too...and you can do that right here brotha!


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Patterson Hood - Come Back Little Star



Our favorite track from the Patterson Hood solo album of course from Drive By Truckers fame.  


The Raveonettes - Young And Cold



One of our favorites from the new album Observator that just came out on Vice.  (kinda a quiet release...hmm, what’s up with that Vice?)


Breakbot - Another Dawn



Something new from the heirs to Justice and Daft Punk’s French House throne. Look for his new album out this week!


The Soft Moons - Insides



Kinda a mix of The Cure meets My Bloody Valentine for 2013 (if humanity make is another 4 months).  


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