According to any piece of rhetoric written by a jaded journalist 20 years my senior, my generation wants it all, and that’s what’s destroying our viability. Being branded as a “millenial” has certainly turned into a badge of shame in the last year or so, and I’m still trying to figure out why. Is wanting a bit of everything really that toxic? Ask LA singer Evalyn and she’ll agree with me: F*ck no. Listen to her aspiring, middle-fingers-up anthem “Cherry Lambo” below, and you’ll see:



spotify Evalyn proudly claims Venice as her homebase on her social media, and that part of her personality shows in her music, especially on “Cherry Lambo.” The track is 100 percent carefree, with no hint at her giving a sh*t about what anyone thinks. She shouts out Chuck Taylors and Lamborghinis in the same song, and it’s done in the breath of her impressively soulful voice. The production (and I’m talking about the piano threading across the track) sounds like a B-Side off of Calvin Harris’ last album, and Evalyn distinguishes herself like a more relatable Jessie J.

Listen to her lyrics, though: “I wanna work less but I wanna make more….. // I wanna go hard but I wanna lay low. I want it all.” SAME, GIRL. And I think this sentiment resonates with all spans of generations. My dad still dreams of winning the lotto. At this point, Evalyn is just preaching to the choir. So millenial-narrative-of-entitlement…. Swerve, please.

Stream “Cherry Lambo,” as well as Evalyn’s other tunes, on Spotify and Soundcloud.