Terror Jr - Holding Your Tongue

Nearly three months prior on We Are: The Guard, I presented Terror Jr's Appreciation to rave reviews, and their first track off their final volume of their Bop trilogy named “Holding Your Tongue” appears primed to repeat their prior successes.



With Kylie Jenner denying her involvement as the lead singer of this trio, Terror Jr remains faceless, allowing listeners to truly appreciate their music without further distractions and ill-guided speculations. Indeed, they are musicians, not entering a beauty pageant. Who cares how they look if they keep on their path of great releases? Besides, there are plenty of artists who try to obscure their faces and segregate it from their pieces of work. Lisa, Felix, and David have certainly adopted this faceless persona, and it's working masterfully.

soundcloud Like their previous efforts, “Holding Your Tongue” features vocals which are aptly auto-tuned, but this time with a little bit more falsetto to add some depth to the concoction, proving Lisa has the range and versatility to continue to drive the trio to new heights. This track is just a little preview off Bop 3: The Girl Who Cried Purple, the final edition to their Bop trilogy, due for release later this month. “Holding Your Tongue” is criminally short but sweet. Not even running 2 and a half minutes, it makes you want to revisit the song time and time again to truly appreciate their sound, which is so pleasant that you don't even realize the actual subject matter of it.

We should all know how this band looks when they perform in front of a live audience next month. That will probably put all those Kylie rumors to rest. Thank God.