The most accomplished artists are the ones who surpass time and inspire future generations. No one quite influenced an entire industry like Michael Jackson. All those questionable sleepovers aside, Jackson basically invented an entire genre as well as the cinematic music video--oh, and who could forget that moon walk?



soundcloud Even though We Are: The Guard are just taking notice of Tom Tripp, we can't help but be reminded of yesteryear when we listened to the focus track of his Red EP, "Stand." If we want to get really specific, it reminds us of the late icon's "Bad" era. It begins with stomps and jangles of percussion before a deep and syrupy voice takes over. Besides the instrumentals and effect, the subject matter is similarly defiant: “Yeah, can I stand on my own? / I got two feet for control yeah / I'm gonna stand on my own. “

Now, we're not saying an ode is something to be ashamed of. As they say, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Not to mention his first ever release, "Aurelia" is a far cry from Jackson and so are the other songs on the Red EP. He also can be heard on Mura Masa's new album and received a co-writing credit for Less' new album.

We just sincerely hope he doesn't show up on stage at his first solo show wearing a single glove or a tilted fedora.