Top Indie Songs 2013 (Week 9) - 10 New Favs!

Best of Indie


BitCandy just returned from the Oscars. Not that The Academy invited us, per se... Armed with a balaclava and a diamond ring, we tried to break into the Theatre and pledged our allegiance to Best Supporting Actress, Anne Hathaway. Numerous security guards later, and we found ourselves on the dimly lit streets of Los Angeles, hanging out with another Hollywood reject, Lindsay Lohan. But that's another story for another day... Time now, for the best indie songs of the week. The following 10 tracks are each deserving of a gold-plated statuette. But we can't afford that... So enjoy some tender loving tête-à-tête instead.


Darwin Deez “You Can't Be My Girl”

Darwin Deez lends his face, and ringlets, to the Forever Alone meme... Well, Curly, if your album wasn't so wack, maybe you wouldn't be in this goddamn mess...


Phoenix “Entertainment”

Sacre bleu! Phoenix are back and they are sounding better than...uh... Does anybody else feel let down by the Frenchies? Comment below...


Jim James “A New Life”

“Hi, My Morning Jacket? Yeh, we found him... Adrift an Ikea wasteland. Seducing a lady-buffalo. Don't ask...”


ON AN ON “The Hunter”

N'aw. Look how far ON AN ON have come since we first introduced them to you last year. (Seriously, they sound different!) Whip it, whip it real good, ridiculously photogenic metalheads.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Swim & Sleep (Like A Shark)”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra simultaneously give up the funk and tap into the seapunk market with the II highlight, "Swim & Sleep (Like A Shark).”


Cherub “Doses And Mimosas”

Keep those pretty eyes peeled for a forthcoming New Find post on the Nashville electro-pop duo, Cherub. Until then, chug on some “Doses And Mimosas,” preferably through a twisted party straw...


Black Light Dinner Party “We Are Golden”

Tetris-borne swashbucklers get what's coming to them in the brand new video for “We Are Golden.” What did you slip into my coffee, Black Light Dinner Party, if that really is your name?


VUM “Are You An Animal?”

Noir veterans, VUM, are endorsed by the musician, actor, writer and, for goodness sake, Green Lantern, Henry Rollins. If that doesn't convince you to press play, then we don't know what will...


Röyskopp ft. Susanne Sundfør “Running To The Sea [Protohype & Carnage Remix]”

L.A. producers, Protohype & Carnage, have smeared the Norse opus, “Running To The Sea,” in womp. "Damn! Dope beat, bro..." This observation was brought to you by Soundcloud.


Beck "Sound And Vision [David Bowie Cover]"

A glittery Beck and 160 other musicians “reimagine” the Bowie classic “Sound And Vision” using 360° binaural microphones. Groovy. For the interactive experience, grab headphones and click here.


That's a wrap on the Best of Indie, but don't cry, Anne Hathaway...


...because BitCandy will be back with the best indie songs next week! Until then, give our Facebook page a like, or, y'know, come over for snuggles?