Our lovely Jess is off on a short holiday enjoying nature somewhere. She’ll be back from her internet free vacation soon enough, but until then We Are: The Guard is still hooking you all up with the Top Indie Songs of the week. Crack some champagne bottles open or not...because it’s Monday and we all know that without a little pick me up the beginning of the week is filled with all sorts of uncomfortableness. Oh, I know you all know what I’m talking about. Anyways, let this week’s music selection serve as a booze chaser. No time to waste, we have lots to cover, time to turn it up to



Kicking this list off is Canadian songstress/enchantress Feist who gives way to all sorts of pleasures, and by pleasures I am referring to the auditory kind of course. Even though the track could be categorized as a “slow burner” like Ingrid mentioned in last week’s single feature, there’s too much of a kick to let it escape through the cracks and miss out on a notable mention on the best of indie... after all, Feist is the queen of indie (google it) so it only makes sense to place “Pleasure” on the must listen to list.



Perhaps a bit too poppy, but poppy enough to satisfy our need for upbeat bubbly tracks is the latest single from the Netherlands duo Klyne. Though the lyrics paint a picture of heartbreak and obvious pain, the vocals are playful and the tone is light, which seems crazy because we as humans going through heartbreak either A) eat our body weight in comfort food or B) talk mad shit about our exes or in my case both, but this is all the opposite. This kind of heartbreak brings a smile, it brings sunshine where there should be rain. Whatever the reason to the duo’s emotional direction is it sits well in our ears.



They say that humans are more visual learners than anything else, so incase you’re in the office or at school and can’t play the volume on the video, the dancing is just as good as the song :) Yes, brace yourselves because Lizzy Plapinger from MSMR debuts her solo career and is giving us all her glory in a powerhouse of a track  “Tightrope.” To quote Lizzy, “IF YOUR EARS AREN'T BLEEDING WITH PLEASURE BY THE END OF IT, YOU'RE NOT LISTENING LOUD ENOUGH.”



And now we break into something more along the lines of a banger. I swear I thought I was sober when I tuned in to “Guilty” by the mysterious producer MELF, because my head went back to wobbing and thumping the second I hit play. What’s worse is that the track eventually comes to an end and what we are left with is a hangover and the desire for more.



Somebody slap me now, because I’m in a deep coma. This is the kind of dark emotionally shredding music that everyone needs. Who wouldn’t want to be wrapped in the arms of lead singer Greg Gonzalez and have him croon in your ear in creepy but loving way, “When you’re all alone, I will reach for you, When you’re feeling low, I will be there too.” Debut album drops June 9th and listen party will most likely be in bedroom.



Every now and then we come across a piece of visual art that makes us question why we ever clicked on the video in the first place...this ladies and gents is not one of those times. Perfume Genius is dare I say...a cross breed of Meatloaf and Boy George. Two completely different characters I know, but I’m seeing it with my own eyes, Perfume Child is the lovechild of these two great musicians. LOOK AT HIM!! LISTEN TO HIM!! See the similarities?



Here’s two really good reasons as to why I put James Blake on the list 1) it’s mother fuckign James Blake! 2) Natalie Portman. Any other questions?



Let me start off by saying that Australian band BRÅVES, has all the markings for great success. Their songs are thought provoking, each one hitting heavy topics and sending a message of awareness to the public. Not to mention their visuals are nothing short of stunning. Their single, “Catch Me,” is no exception and the video starring Shaggy a.k.a Matthew Lillard and Dr. Victor S Pineda is freaking beautiful. If you’re a fan of X Ambassadors, BRÅVES is one to add to your collection.



OH GOD! 15 year old Billie Ellish is twisted and dark and sinister and we love it! The songstress talks about killing her friends and her lover because of revenge??!! Daaang. Eillish brings on a major creeeeeep factor when she sings, “I wanna make 'em scared, Like I could be anywhere, Like I'm wreck-less.” Umm, can we hang? Let’s be BFF’s. We won’t kill anyone, but we can definitely eat some tacos together and listen to Tyler The Creator or something.



We end today’s list on a lighter tone from everyone’s favorite rockers The Flaming Lips and their acid tripping video for “There Should Be Unicorns.” By now, you guys should know that watching anything of The Flaming Lips requires a mature taste in music and a very open mind that is accepting of all levels of weird and doesn’t question anything, because this video is too far out there for anyone to have the mental capacity to understand the intelligence behind this video. Ok, now I’m just rambling.


Well, thanks for stopping by the fill in edition of the top indie songs of the week . Jess will be back next week with more curated indie tracks!

"Photo" by Ryan Wong is licensed under CC0 (cropped and resized).

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