Top Indie Songs (10 Favs) - Week 16 2013


So we, like, totally just got back from Coachella! Only kidding... Last week, it was a joke, suckers! Why would BitCandy spend $350 ($800 if you want decent alcohol!) for the courtesy of hanging out with a whole bunch of badly dressed white girls, when we can stay at home, in our pants, eat Doritos (other brands are available!) and watch it all, for free, on YouTube? And, anyway... If we fucked off to Indio, who would be here to pick the best indie songs of the week for y'all?


The National “Demons”

Matt Berninger. 2013's answer to Leonard Cohen? Well he is better than Lana Del Ray. “Demons” is the first single to be lifted from The National's sixth album, Trouble Will Find Me. “I stay down, with my penis.” What?


The National “Don't Swallow The Cap”

You want more The National? You got more The National! Here is the latest single to be teased from Trouble Will Find Me, which is released next month on 4AD. This shit is fucking depressing... I love it!


Cold War Kids “Miracle Mile”

TIL: There is more to Cold War Kids than “Hang Me Up To Dry.” The band returned earlier this month with their fourth studio album, Dear Miss Lonelyheart. I admit, “Miracle Mile” sounds like a long lost Brandon Flowers b-side. But I love me a long lost Brandon Flowers b-side.


Woodkid “I Love You”

Fuck off to rural Australia, already, Daft Punk! There is a brand new Frenchie on the block, Woodkid, known to his mère, to his père, and to the entire film community as Yoann Lemoine. (By day, Lemoine is a Grammy Award nominated director! Marvel at some of his videos, right here.)


Pond “Fremantle Dockers Theme Song”

Talking of Crocodile Dundees! Pond have unveiled a cover of the soccer team, Fremantle Dockers' theme song. Oh, and if you are wondering who “Wesley Goldtouch” is. That would be the alias of Pond guitarist (and Tame Impala drummer), Jay Watson!


CHVRCHES “Lies (Live)”

Get on yo' Sunday best! It is time for another trip to the CHVRCH. What this video means by “live,” is the studio version of “Lies,” combined with black 'n' white footage of the adorb Lauren Mayberry, shot at The Glasgow School of Art. A-freekin'-men.


IO Echo “Addicted”

IO Echo are Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross. Rumor has it (sit down, Adele!) Ross played guitar for Korn. Weird... Nu metal aside, we are loving “Addicted,” which is lifted from the Los Angeles duo's debut studio album, Ministry of Sound.


Josh Record “Bones”

Josh Record hails from Brixton, home to Jessie Ware and Margaret Thatcher's fan club. The 25-year-old recorded his debut EP, Bones, in his bedroom, although you wouldn't have thought it, going on the title track... (Somebody build this man a cabin in Wisconsin, for goodness sake!)


Lord Huron “Lullaby”

Another week, another dose of Lord Huron! Lonesome Dreams rules, okay? Ben Schneider's debut album is out now on Iamsound Records. “Lullaby” will lull you into a deep 'n' delicious sleep... But wake up, douchebag. We aren't done yet!


Violent Femmes “Add It Up”

Closing down with some classic live footage from Violent Femmes, of 'Blister in the Sun' fame! 'Add It Up' is lifted from the Wisconsin's band self-titled debut album, which dropped in 1983. Wifebeater vest aside, this video is balls out! Who here caught Violent Femmes at Coachsmella?


That's it for another week, shit faced Coachella girl...

should have stayed at home

...but we will be back with the top indie songs next Monday! Until then, 'like' our Facebook, 'follow' us on Twitter, or sober the fuck up, already!