Top Indie Songs (10 Favs) - Week 23 2013

First of all, we can’t wait for the new Paris Hilton album on the Cash Money label.  Because we all need a laugh. we are again with another week of the top indie songs, curated by your Editor, Glitch, as well as a special feature this week...our Curators!  That’s right  luverz.  Something new we’re trying out.  BitCandy Curators who have discovered 5 artists we didn’t know about but loved...will now have access to help assemble the best of the week posts.   And they have uber taste I must say (don't forget ... this can be you too!).  Special thanks to Pavit and Duffster who delivered some must hear picks this week.  Let’s get started.  (Artwork by the amazing Denis Zulian)


Sigur Rós - Ísjaki (Official Lyric Video)   



Hah I know what you’re thinking...Sigur Ros LYRIC VIDEOS!!  Where have you been?  Oh and THANKS SO MUCH for making lyric videos in ICELANDIC.  VERY HELPFUL, BITCHES!   Oh well...maybe that’s an inside joke (but perhaps useful if you are Icelandic).  Regardless...mark your calendar for the new album coming on XL Recordings June 17th.  


Jagwar Ma - Man I Need



From BitCandy Curator, Pavit.  You can’t disagree with a YouTube comment: “This is so illuminati. Fuck.” But now that the illuminati are being used as adjectives and adverbs to describe indie songs...I must now determine that there is no way possible the Illuminati can exist.  But then...there’s still the Bilderberg group.  


Pacific Air - Move



I was hesitant to put this in the indie column...I mean is this indie (?) or this more of what we would call a PopKiller track...You know, a great credible cool pop song that you don’t have to feel guilty listening to.   I decided it was probably both.  And the more Pacific Air the better.   


Pedentif - Embrasse Moi



From BitCandy Curator, Pavit.  Bring on the French Pop.  I have no idea what the lyrics are saying.  It could be “Hitler we’ll lay over for you without a fight” or “Bordeaux is for suckers, bitches.”  But my guess is some kind of sexy French love song.  And if you’re French and reading this then...USA #1 USA#1 USA#1!!!


Crystal Castles - Affection (hugsnotdrugs edit)   



Not before watching at least one lame YouTube video ad will you learn that Crystal Castles continues to makes great tunes, even if they only really know how to make one kind of song.  





This is something different.  And YES!  We love it when we get to feature YouTube Videos with less than 10,000 views.   That means we’re doing our job and bringing you the best indie songs before the word gets out.   We featured Bloodgroup not too long ago in our Best New Artists column...more on that here:


Vance Joy - Riptide (from Curator, Duffster)



One thing i know from this video is that the video director likes to go “Left” “Left” “Left” and also likes to misquote lyrics.   Kinda a Lumineers meets surreal high imagery video going on here...and it’s great. 


Cloud Boat - Youthern (Official Video)   



Can there be more than one “James Blake?”  We *(and Cloud Boat) thinks so.  Check out “Youthern” from the album “Book of Hours” from Apollo Records.


Jacuzzi Boys - "Double Vision"



Is everyone ready for Hot Tub Time Machine Pt 2?!  I’m serious as a mofo Jacuzzi.  HTTM is coming soon.  In the meantime the Jacuzzi Boys will hold you over with some “Double Vision.”  Don’t forget the chlorine for all you that pee in the tub.  


Daughter - Perth (Bon Iver) v Ready For The Floor (Hot Chip)



Our Curator, Pavit (this can be you here) was on fire this week with her ideas for the Best Indie post, including this mish mosh cover of Bon Iver / Hot Chip.  WTF.  Yes...exactly.   And yes, so we are a little late to post this...blow me! (please if interested in that, let me know in comments below and I’ll give you my #).  


By the way, did you know we had an indie radio station?   Finally you can lean back and not get served lame songs that Pandora thinks is right for you.   Anyway...thanks for catching up with our top indie songs of the week.  Comment below if you have some better ideas...if we like them...we’ll include for next week.  Holla.