Best Indie Songs (10 Favs) - Week 24 2013

Best of Indie

Kicking off this week's Best of Indie, with a “shout out!” to the bros over at PRISM. I am going to assume that they are reading this, you know, considering that they have been surveilling Murica's every move, and all. Oh yeah. Remember all that bad porn that you watched? PRISM know about it. Remember all that bad music that you listened to? PRISM know about it. It is time to make all the bros over at PRISM think that you are one tasteful dude, with the help of this week's top indie songs. Oh, but, as for all that nasty video that you watched? Yeah, you are kinda on your own with that one.

Our BitCandy Curators, (you can be one of those too)...helped out out with this weeks best of post.


The xx "Fiction" (Curator Pavit)

Woah, The xx finally make a video, that is not some meandering color palette, over a big “X.” But is this video a snooze bomb, kinda like their album? Comment below, as I am thinking that The xx need to do something fresh, and very soon. That said, I love this track. Thanks to our Curator, Pavit!


Queens of the Stone Age “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”

Queens of the Stone Age killed sales this week, both in the US, and in the UK. Not only have they scored a No. 1 album, they have enjoyed a better opening week on their indie label, Matador, than they ever did on their previous label, Interscope. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Jimmy Iovine.


Lorde “Tennis Court” (Curator Duffster)

I know what you are thinking: “BitCandy, you are a poser. Lorde is on a major label. This is not indie.” Well, you keep thinking that. “Tennis Court” is yet another great track from the 16-year-old from New Zealand. The Tennis Court EP is out in July, on Virgin. Thanks to our Curator, Duffster!


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Hot Chip “Dark & Stormy” (Curator Pavit)

Well, this is very exciting. Hot Chip return with the one off single, “Dark & Stormy,” which was recorded at the Club Ralph in London, where they also recorded In Our Heads. I have no idea why Hot Chip have only decided to unveil this now, but it will be available on vinyl in July, on Domino.


Beck “Defriended” (Curator Pavit)

Hm, well, maybe there is something to this Scientology jizz jazz, after all? “Defriended” is Animal Collective's, soz, Beck's first single in uh, too many years, and let me just say, it was worth the wait.  Mr. Hansen has confirmed that he is to release not one, but two albums this year. Get excited losers.


Astral Pattern “Sitting In The Sun”

Hipsters everywhere mourned the loss of SCUM, in January. Front man, Thom Cohen, impregnated Bob Geldof's daughter, twice, and decided to up and leave his own band. Praise God, three of five have returned as Astral Pattern, and release their debut EP, Light Poems, in July, on 37 Adventures.


Sameblod “Norwegian Summer” (Curator Beca)

FYI: Samblod are not from Norway, they are from Sweden. Does uh, Norway even have a summer? Being an ignorant schmuck, I assumed that it was perpetually snowing over there. Hm. “Norwegian Summer” is lifted from Swoon EP, which is out now, on Riot Factory. Thanks to our Curator, Beca!


Jagwar Ma “Come Save Me”

Maybe, just maybe. Jagwar Ma are stranded in Madchester in the late 1980s and “Come Save Me” is a thinly veiled distress signal? Maybe, just, maybe. The Australian duo need us to come and save them from this evil time warpery? Maybe, just maybe. I have an extremely over active imagination?


Mister Wives “Lullaby” (Curator Duffster)

I know that “Lullaby” is not exactly “new.” But, I wanted to get your thoughts on this New York band, Mister Wives. Is front lady, Mandy Lee, a poor man's Lana Del Rey, or has our Curator Duffster found the next indie pop starlet? If you can't make your mind up, then listen to “Coffins.”


Nine Inch Nails “Came Back Haunted”

Don't lose your shit or anything but, Nine Inch Nails are motherfucking back. To quote the YouTube user, Nicholas Vladd, “Came Back Haunted” is like “Pretty Hate Machine, The Fragile and Year Zero had a threesome.” Nom nom. Can we now forget that How To Destroy Angels ever happened?


That's a wrap, Trent Reznor! BitCandy will be back, with the top indie songs, next week! Until then, 'like' our Facebook, 'follow' us on Twitter, or f*ck us like animals, Trent?

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