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What's up, party people?! It's only been seven days since we last spoke (well, technically 14, because I was away on vacation last week, so the kick ass Beca covered for me), but SO much has happened here at We Are: The Guard in that short space of time! We've brought you daily Instagram highlights, a feature on our favorite queer artists, not to mention a whole bunch of best new tracks! You could say this blog has been as hard to keep up with as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's relationship status LOL! Still, don't think for a SECOND that we're planning on slowing down! As another working week rolls round, we're up and running once again this Monday morning with the latest edition of Top Indie Songs, featuring Arcade Fire, CHROMATICS, Dirty Projectors, and more!

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There's no denying that “Chemistry” is the worst song on the worst Arcade Fire album, but at least the pseudo-reggae groove has resulted in a pretty funny video! Maybe Win Butler and co haven't lost their humor after all! Watch as a dog, cat, and shark become entangled in some kind of bizarre love triangle in this animated clip, which was directed by Ray Tintori, and brought to life not by the Animoji app, but Starburns Industries – the same guys 'n' gals behind Rick and Morty.



Does that 80s goth sound 'n' style ever get old?! NO, NO IT DOES NOT! I just wish that I could look as good as Pale Waves frontwoman (and rumored love child of Robert Smith and Siouxsie Sioux) Heather Baron-Gracie in black lipstick and white finishing powder. Like, seriously – can somebody please tell me how I can pull that combo off without appearing as though I have an iron deficiency?! *Sigh*



NEW CHROMATICS! NEW CHROMATICS! NEW CHROMATICS! Sorry, I've been waiting six years for this moment, so it's kind of hard to contain my excitement. If pop noir ballad “Blue Girl” is anything to go by, Dear Tommy, the long-awaited new album from the Portland outfit, is going to be nothing short of DAZZLING. And I haven't even mentioned the video! Candles? Rose drumsticks? Ruth Radelet staring dead-eyed into the distance? THIS IS PEAK CHROMATICS, PEOPLE!



WTF?! I have no idea what I just watched, but I LOVED EVERY SECOND! Shout out to English iconoclast Yungblud for bringing back that darkened theatricality that's been missing from music for too long in this video for “Psychotic Kids.” A comment on the older generation's tendency to pass off millennials as “insane,” this statement-making anthem is, at the very least, going to piss off your out-of-touch parents. Best hit that play button, then, eh?!



Cigarettes After Sex never fail to bring out the hopeless romantic in me. Their doomed breed of ambient pop is nothing short of intoxicating for us Romeo and Juliets who prefer to walk on the tragic side of life. One year on from their self-titled debut album, the Brooklyn-based band continue to embrace their sensuous side on “Crush” – a candlelit hymn that hears Greg Gonzalez caressing our ears as he sings: “I wanna fuck your love slow/Catch my heart, go swim/Feel your lips crush/Hold you here my loveliest friend.”



FINALLY! A male artist from Toronto who isn't making drugged-up, sexed-out alternative R&B! Effortlessly bridging the gap between soul and more experimentalist, avant-garde sounds, MorMor is a much-needed breath of fresh air in a city of The Weeknd wannabes. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to listen to this funky genre-blending bop, from MorMor's forthcoming debut EP Heaven's Only Wishful, for the rest of the week.



Falling in (and out!) of love can feel like downing a surrealist cocktail of emotions, one that leaves us fragile and disorientated, and it's this vulnerable state of mind that Baltimore-based experimentalist serpentwithfeet taps into on his latest single “seedless” – an avant-garde art installation as produced by We Are: The Guard favorite Clams Casino.



King Princess – one of We Are: The Guard's favorite upcoming queer artists – has just released her debut EP Make My Bed, and let me tell you, it's EVERYTHING. No, really – I could easily feature every song on the damn thing here, but alas, my editor would probably fire me for doing that, so instead I bring you what, for me, is the overall EP highlight, “Upper West Side” – a dreamy dive bar ballad that'll make you want to slow dance with the next human that you happen to set your eyes on.



Dirty Projectors are reviving the art of the protest song on the latest single to be unveiled from their forthcoming album Lamp Lit Prose. War, materialism, and deforestation are just a few of the topics tackled by frontman David Longstreth on “That's a Lifestyle” – a political anthem for the ages that, despite dropping some serious truth bombs, manages to stay lovely and light-hearted throughout thanks to its melodic 12-string guitar arrangement.



Well, well, well – isn't this absolutely dreamy?! English singer-songwriter Roo Panes is encapsulating that nostalgic beauty of summer on this latest single to be unveiled from his recent album Quiet Man. Like running through fields of wheat on a bright, balmy afternoon with your best friend from childhood, this quiet ode to the warmer months is nothing short of idyllic <3.


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