Top Indie Songs - Week 39 2013

Best of Indie

This week's dose of top indie songs is dedicated to the memory of Sky Ferreira's career. “Could have been my anything, now everything's embarrassing,” eh Sky? Anyways, thanks to all of those Curators who helped me out with today's picks from MGMT, Twin Shadow, The 1975 and more. If you'd like to help out with our weekly roundups, sign up to be a Curator! To find out how that works, click here.



MGMT “Cool Song No. 2”

Last week, MGMT sent their teenage groupies to DoS attack us, after they caught our album review. Cool fucking move, MGMT! Whatever, I'm going to rise above it, as I actually really like this song.


Twin Shadow “Old Love/New Love”

Fuck yeah, GTA V! I've spent my entire week taking selfies and shit like that while “Old Love/New Love” pumps out of my Adder's speakers. The soundtrack is off the hook for this title, right Trevor?


Hunters “Narcissist”

Fuck yeah, Hunters! Not to say I told you so, but I predicted this Brooklyn punk band were going to explode in Week 28. They drop their eponymous debut album in October, and it's all killer, no filler!


The Darcys “Muzzle Blast”

Freaking out in a vegetable patch to “Muzzle Blast,” which Anna Sophia Robb, of all people, tweeted about this week. I've got no idea who she is, either, but everyone is talking about her in the comments!


The Postal Service “Such Great Heights”

Time for a vintage classic, kid! “Such Great Heights” is lifted from The Postal Service's debut album, the ground breaking Give Up, which came out in '03. Holy fuck, can you believe this is 10 years old?


St. Lucia “Elevate”

St. Lucia were recently evicted from their rehearsal warehouse by their dickheaded landlord. Before they left, they took the opportunity to throw one last rooftop party, and shot this video for “Elevate.”


Christine Hoberg “All That Hate”

Christine Hoberg describes her music as “chant and soul and ethereal and noise and love.” Let all of those things embrace you during “All That Hate,” available on Hoberg's fourth album, World Within.


Black Light Dinner Party “Sons And Lovers”

Black Light Dinner Party have come a long way since Week 9. The Brooklyn quartet finally release their debut album, Sons And Lovers, this week! Dig on the video for the Cut Copy esque title track.


Blackbird Blackbird “Happy With You (Yalls Remix)”

Berkeley “experimentalist,” Yall, recently unveiled this take on Blackbird Blackbird's single, “Happy With You.” It radiates with so many upbeat, Animal Collective vibes, I think I prefer it to the original!


The 1975 “Woman”

This video has been circulating for over a year now, but I thought I'd send it love to mark the release of The 1975's long awaited eponymous debut album, the deluxe edition of which features this track.


I'll be back with more top indie songs, next Monday! Don't forget, if you'd like to help me out, sign up to be a Curator. That goes for you too, Sky! I'm sure you'll find the time, now your career is fucked.

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