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As much as we try to keep politics out of things here at We Are: The Guard, if you own a television set or any kind of Internet device, then you'll understand why it's been pretty much impossible to avoid of late. What I'm really trying to say is, the last few days have totally fucking SUCKED for those of us with any decent sense of morality, but it's our job as music bloggers to help you forget about such real-world shit, which leads me on to the latest edition of Top Indie Songs. It's not going to fix or change the events currently playing out through our various screens, but I genuinely hope that the following playlist, featuring Muse, Matthew Dear, Robyn, Gallant, Nothing But Thieves, and five other favorites, gives you at least a moment's reprieve from this all-American hellscape.



Okay, I admit it, I have a love-hate relationship with Muse. On the one hand, I think that the Matt Bellamy-fronted trio make some of the cheesiest rock music around. On the other, I'm a sucker for their Queen-like grandiosity. Whatever way that you lean, it's clear that the British band aren't holding back on the pyrotechnics on their latest single “Pressure,” which comes paired with a Lance Drake-directed video that sees Muse performing at a Back to the Future-meets-Ghostbusters-style high school prom as hosted by none other than Terry Crews!



Matthew Dear and Tegan and Sara are like a gift that keeps on giving. Following on from last year's “Bad Ones,” the Ghostly International signee and Quin sisters unite again this 2018 on “Horses.” “The song is as deep of an homage to love as I've written. I probably won't write another like this one,” says Matthew of the glitched-out, dance-centric devotional, which is taken from his forthcoming fifth album Bunny.



Stop everything that you're doing, as the Queen of Pop is back! That's right, after eight long years, Swedish musical royalty Robyn finally returns this 2018 with “Honey,” the title track from her forthcoming eighth album of the same name. Originally featured on an episode of Girls last year, “Honey” is an appropriately gooey offering, with a bass drum forming the heartbeat (get it?!) of the song, over which Robyn thickly layers her signature sticky-sweet sensuality.



It's becoming increasingly clear to me that FINNEAS can't do any wrong. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter and brother to Billie Eilish follows up the likes of “Hollywood Forever” and “Landmine” with another balladic beauty this week in the form of “College,” a gorgeously melancholic piece that FINNEAS reveals that he wrote after an ex threw some shade his way on Twitter. “A little petty, but so is the entire Internet.” AMEN!



“TOOGOODTOBETRUE?!” Erm, you can say that again! No, really, how often do you get one of the youngest R&B talents and one of the oldest indie icons appearing together on the same song?! This four-minute ballad, which also features Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, is nothing short of a must-listen, with the trio's airy vocals rising and falling over an acoustic instrumental that's more sparkling than the night sky.



The epic collaborations just keep on coming today! Coinciding with the start of his Life of a Wallflower tour, Chicago producer Whethan has shared the HONNE-featuring “Radar,” and let me tell you, issa bop! Bringing together HONNE'S signature soulful croons with Whethan's glitch-pop grooves, “Radar” is packed full of the kind of funky, infectious attitude that'll keep you going right through to the weekend!



Miya Folick follows up July's “Stock Image” with another cheeky offering this month! “It's an ode to friendships that are brutally honest and deliciously fun. It's meant to be a bop about being better people for ourselves and for our loved ones,” says the Los Angeles singer-songwriter of the latest single to be unveiled from her forthcoming debut album Premonitions, which hears Miya putting her winking sense of humor on display over a bouncy Talking Heads-like groove!



Well, well, well, isn't this three-and-a-half minutes of synth pop bliss?! New Zealand four-piece Yumi Zouma are easing us into fall in style with their latest single “In Camera,” a wind-in-the-hair anthem that sounds like the audio equivalent of the summer fading in the rear-view mirror, with Yumi Zouma's dream-inducing melodies driving us forth into the endless possibilities that lie ahead this autumn.



Ahead of the release of her second album Us later this month, Empress Of has shared the catchy-as-hell “Love for Me.” The song, which was produced by Lorely Rodriguez alongside DJDS, finds Empress Of questioning a lover about the extent of their feelings (“You say that you miss me/I wanna know if you got love for me”), with Lorely making use of her impressive vocal range over the dancehall-style beat.



Nothing But Thieves just keep on getting better and better! Having found success with their 2015 self-titled debut album and its follow-up, last year's Broken Machine, the British band return in full force this 2018 with “Forever & Ever More,” a stomping slice of rock and roll that comes complete with the kind of blistering time-signature changes that'd make Queens of the Stone Age proud! P.S. This Ivana Bobic-directed video is also worth a watch, although prepare for it to not make much sense until the final few seconds!


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Photo by Faby Pantoja on Unsplash


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