This über sensual minimal chill out beat has got me in the mood for some slow kinda lovin’. Too bad it’s midday and my lady isn’t remotely accessible. Now I gotta wait till the night time while I sit here fiening for some afternoon delight. What are you doing to me, We Are: The Guard!?!? This is messed up. Warning: Do not listen to this track if your significant other is not immediately accessible 'cause you’re definitely gonna need some kind of release after all this sexual tension. You’re safe if you're single, it’ll just put you out on the prowl. Put this on your playlist and get ready to drop it when the moment’s white hot. Fast-forward nine months and you’ll be the proud parent to a dvsn induced baby.

It’s hard to discuss baby making R&B without bringing up the masters in the field, but dvsn’s laid back, chopped and screwed crooning brings back those distant memories of that first Weekend EP. You remember, when he wasn’t churning out hits but rather vibe-churning up your libido. It’s good to have this kind of tune out there, it’s important. There aren’t any preconceived notions that come along with radio play. No bad memories or sad exes. Nah that hot new newness that’s going to get you some of that hot hot.



soundcloud dvsn is a duo composed of singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 and they are signed to OVO so you know they’re pretty much set for life. You probably might maybe know Nineteen85 from his work producing “One Dance,” “Hotline Bling,” “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and “Too Good” AKA the hottest Drake songs EVER. This guy is a machine who’s got more hits on the brain than Floyd Mayweather. I’ve got nothing but that mega-love for the producers who branch out from the shadow of the giants they worked under to become successful artists in their own right. (re: Kanye!) Daniel Daley has an a killer once in a lifetime sexy R&B voice that could get him miles on his own. But pairing him with Grammy nominated behind-the-scenes producer like Nineteen85 must be the brainchild of some sick mind intent on taking over the world with music. Hmmm Drake… could it be? 

From deep within the murky depths of the Los Angeles River emerged a creature: 50% raver, 50% comedian, 10% Robotcop. Kurt Kroeber doesn’t own a dog, operates Soundbleed (the world’s only dance party comedy talk show rave), and is down to party with you. Come up some time and say “Hey dude!” But definitely make sure to casually drop the secret Illuminati password.