Alice Glass - Blood Oath

Alice Glass Sets The Record Straight With “Blood Oath”

There’s been a lot of speculation, over the years, who was the real backbone of Crystal Castles. The cynics claimed Alice Glass, Crystal Castles’ original singer, as just a replaceable face, like a modern day Bow Wow Wow to Ethan Kath’s Malcolm McLaren. Glass left Crystal Castles in 2014, you might recall, claiming Kath to be abusive and manipulative as reasons for her exodus.



The official record was never settled, leaving it as a case of “she said/he said,” and we here at We Are: The Guard aren’t here to revive old beefs or bring up bad blood. We love a lot of Crystal Castles music, even the newer stuff, but we have to admit that Crystal Castle’s post-Glass material sounds like an American Apparel ad, while Glass’ unexpected new self-titled EP is edgy as a cheese grater. Make of that what you will.

spotify “Blood Oath” is the third single to dribble off of Glass’ first solo material since decamping Crystal Castles. It screams volumes that Glass’ beats are still thudding, ominous, and heavier than a sledgehammer, while her vocals bear her distinctive distorted yawl, while crazy digitally detuned animal noises give the sensation of trudging through some deadly swamp. It’s not as harrowing as it sounds, however, (it IS harrowing, however), as “Blood Oath” still has that slightly cutesy, charming accessibility of Glass’ work with Crystal Castles, but it all sounds even more engaging and exciting, actually.

No offense, Ethan Kath, but if “Blood Oath” is any indication, Glass was responsible for Crystal Castles’ experimental edge. Which is good news for those of us who’ve been missing their unique artsy accessibility.

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