Crankdat - Dollars

It seems like Crankdat has been putting out hit after hit, crushing festival stages since as far back as I can remember. But considering he’s been on the EDM scene far far far less than that, I’m really starting to question my memory. Just this year (see) this 20 year old from Columbus, Ohio has dropped out of college, leaving behind a full scholarship in Track & Field to opt towards a very promising career in music instead. Well good going, Crankdat. In a relatively minimal timeline you’ve turned yourself into quite the trap superstar. With a professional level understanding of how to “crank” out hits like only a few of the greats know, it makes sense that my dumb brain assumes you’ve been around forever. If you come out of the gate swinging, it makes it easy to forget a time without you. 



"Dollars" is an upbeat melodo-trap banger that’s perfectly engineered for thousands to bounce around massive arenas and share (similar) emotional resonance and (different) rad dance moves with everyone within a hundred foot radius. With a beat derived from the cartoon positivity of Yoshi's Island (or some other anthropomorphic posi-cartoon video game character), and the rocking vocals of an indie band that’s just about to drop summers next hottest single on the radio, this track is a lethal combination.

Sorry if if I went too analytical on this track, but dealing certain genres of EDM it's the only critique I can derive outside of saying, "this one is dope." Even though it is, in fact, dope. So for the people that want it simpler…. This one is dope. Mega dope. Pleasurable to the ears on all accounts, unless you don’t like fun or dance music (but if you don’t like dance music, how did you get down this far on the page?).

soundcloud May this festival ready banger be blasted everywhere. At raves, house parties, and out of AUX cords plugged into your car stereo on a ride with your boys. 

Check out Crankdat on tour with Krewella or at one of his first two festivals!!!!!! This Labor Day weekend Crankdat will be tag-teaming Electric Zoo and Breakaway in his hometown of Columbus.

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