Oliver - Chemicals

Looking to continue their momentum from their earlier singles, Los Angeles-based producers named Oliver dropped their newest track, "Chemicals," with the vocals supplied by MNDR. We Are: The Guard takes a listen.



Oliver consists of Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein. The duo have been keeping busy mixing remixes and establishing their own sound through several EPs. "Chemicals" is the third offering from Oliver off their pending debut album. With "Heart Attack" and "Electify" doing well with audiences, we should not expect anything less from "Chemicals," especially when it features local electronic songstress MNDR at the vocal helm.

youtube "Chemicals," no doubt, sounds a lot like what MNDR usually cooks up herself, presenting retro dance music with modern accoutrements. If you are a fan of her work, why she is featured here is totally understandable. The song mixes '80 electronica with a considerable amount of new-age funk. It screams everything that was great and horrific about the decade, catchy songs, memorable films, terrible hair, and high-waisted jeans. Don't get me wrong, "Chemicals" falls on the positive side of the spectrum.

Oliver appears to have a knack to adapt their sounds according to their featured artists, as "Heart Attack" truly suits the musical style of De La Soul. Sharing this symbiotic musical relationship makes them one of the must-see acts of the coming year. With the festival circuit in full-swing, Oliver is already a presence at EDM shows worldwide and probably due for several other appearances in the near future.