Said The Sky - Faded

We Are: The Guard presents the the product of the collaboration of Said The Sky and FRND called “Faded.” While this song is anything but murky, be sure to grab Dramamine in case this one causes a little too much uneasiness. Better safe than sorry.



soundcloud Said The Sky is the professional stage name of DJ and producer Trevor Christensen. Since being signed with Phase Management, Christensen has released a fair number of singles and EPs, as well as being an eager collaboration partner. So, it can only be expected that his newest track features another partnership with LA-based producer, FRND. Both are considered to be musical commodities trending upwards, and their song called “Faded” gives everyone a small taste of what they can do.

“Faded” is precisely mixed with plenty of joy-inducing synths that combines the best of pop and electronica. The instrumentals are so intoxicating that the vocals really take a back seat, but this isn't entirely the worst thing in the world. Unfortunately, it does remind me a little too much of the lead singer of Owl City, who provides me an ample amount of nauseating vibes that is akin to me eating too much avocado. By the way, I am allergic to avocado. Thankfully, the melodies are just too scintillating to pass up. Though slightly imbalanced, “Faded” is worth the price of admission, but repeat customers might be fewer and farther between.