Chances are, you’ve heard of Jacob Banks’ music before: he’s the thunderous voice that’s garnered the attention of Zane Lowe and the BBC radio fam, and has recently set the scenes to your favorite TV shows (OMG did you hear him in SUITS????). But if you’re not keen on Banks and his powerful songwriting, don’t sweat it. We Are: The Guard will show you the way. Take a listen to Jacob Banks’ new track “Unknown (To You)” below.



youtubeBanks’ booming music is a blend of soul and electronic usually, but for “Unknown (To You),” he’s stripped his sound down to a bleak piano ballad (though this a misleading description; it picks up with a larger-than-life choir at the end). Where often stands a poetic uprising in Jacob’s verses, is instead an emotionally gripping confession of a relationship lost. A lamenting Banks sings to a lonely stage, but the charged vocals that has gained him his acclaim thus far powers through to the chorus. The result is a roaring, moving track with bursting sentiment not for the faint of heart.

If “Unknown (To You)” doesn’t stir you to your core, to the point of unearthing that old box of ex artifacts in your closet… Well, I think you just might be dead inside.

“Unknown (To You)” is actually a reworking of an old tune of his, but Banks has released an EP this year: The Boy Who Cried Freedom. Listen to it on streaming platforms now.