Kaliee Morgue - Medusa

Believe it or not, finding success through a viral video is a definite possibility for musicians in the digital age -- do I have to remind you about the 2017 rise of Bhad Bhabie? But even in 2008, a discopop queen like Little Boots could upload a demo/video on Youtube and garner the attention of hundreds, so long as you had an irrationally catchy hook to offer.

Case in point: Kailee Morgue, a young pop singer from Phoenix that gained more retweets with a bedroom version of her new single than I have ever gotten in my Twitter lifetime (follow me, please. sob). Morgue got a viral hit, a record deal, and now ten months later since that fateful Thursday afternoon, Morgue’s got herself a solid single. Listen to the fantastical “Medusa” by Kailee Morgue below.



spotify Now what exactly makes “Medusa” so charmingly soothing to the ears? The track is dreamy from the start, giving off young Florence-Welchian vibes. Kailee’s voice rings soft and pure, very much unlike what I would expect from a song dedicated to a mythological woman who could kill, quite literally, on sight. But that was allegedly Morgue’s intent; to give the tale of Medusa a different spin.

“Medusa” is lush in its simplicity and infectious in Kailee’s breathy ad-libs that sprinkle the second half of the song. The synthpop genre sounds refreshing with Kailee Morgue behind the wheel.

“Medusa” is her only single so far, but expect great things from Morgue. Stay tuned.