Occasionally, We Are: The Guard come across a track that is so superior, it’s just unfair.

And with that, I want to direct you to this week’s winner of that title: “Fade” by the monumental new talent, Lewis Capaldi. Quite frankly, it’s rude AF. Listen below.



Capaldi, a rising and BOOMING voice hailing from across the pond, allegedly wrote the heart-wrenching lyrics of the bare-all ballad “Fade” in New York at 3 AM, the night before he went in to actually record it. “Fade” was written and recorded in a matter of days, and produced by Malay, one of Frank Ocean’s long-time collaborators. Yes, that infamous tear-jerking R&B artist, Frank Ocean (the one dominating your “issa mood” playlist). Let that sink in and give you a hint of the heavy and stirring passion deeply embedded within “Fade”’s melody.

youtube Are you familiar with the universal phenomenon that comes with listening to an Adele song? You might have never suffered earth-shattering heartbreak in your life but you’ll still find yourself choking up when you hear those first piano chords. And it feels like Lewis Capaldi is striving to attain Adele’s magical power. Capaldi’s voice rips through “Fade” like an impassioned chainsaw. The raw emotion seared into the lyrics and the vocals tell of an unforgiving heartbreak, and the tears welling up in my eyes as “Fade” continues on repeat is physical evidence that Lewis Capaldi’s tremendous talent is just…. Flat out, unfair.

You need to listen to this.

Lewis Capaldi’s debut EP, Bloom, is out later this month. Check out his Soundcloud here.