PLYA - Thinking Of You

Have you been missing chvrches as much as we have at We Are: The Guard? They haven't released a new album since 2015, but the Scottish trio are proving powerful enough to influence a few newcomers-- one of which being Plya. Yes, Plya is another trio with a love of electronics and a female lead singer with an angelic, pillowy voice. Though, despite their very evident similarities, we're not complaining.



youtube The familiar electronic-indie group just released "Thinking of You" to tell the story of a forlorn lover abroad, experiencing a great new world while missing the old one. Sounds like a Hollywood script, right? The production perfectly matches the rich, cinematic storytelling. It's a production that is huge but tender with synths that morph and boom to replicate its creator's divided feelings. Like their influencers, Plya's sound has the texture to effect an entire amphitheater and if lead singer Julia Sykes' voice is even half as beautiful live as it is recorded, she can likely hypnotize a crowd with a single high note.

There's definitely hope for this band's future, but they're going to need to concentrate on making their own unmistakable sound. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but it can only be forgiven for so long. Still, we believe in you, Plya, and we're sure a record label will too.