Between the talks of what may be a third world war, and checking to see if we have Usher's gift that keeps on giving, and not to mention the start of school … ain’t nobody got time to listen every single indie pop song that has been released over the past seven days … except for us at We Are: The Guard. You bet your pretty little bottom that we did. We listened to every single artist imaginable because we’re sticking to our commitment of bringing you the best of what the internet has to offer as far as indie music goes. Find your bunker, grab some Desitin, and enjoy the following songs from Raye, Thundercat, MNEK, and more. In case we missed anything, hit us up with your recommendations by becoming a curator today.



The four piece Manchester band released yet another delicious video to accompany their single, “Desire,” from their upcoming album, A Fever Dream. Produced by James Ford (think Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode, Florence and the Machine), the video powers through like a classic rock song, blasting guitars, a percussion that beats like a beast, and catchy as hell lyrics that leave listeners itching for more. These guys have what it takes to go the distance.



When I’ve thought of places that I like to visit, Tokyo has been in my top 10. Sure I like Dragonball Z and sushi the culture is lovely, but I would not go to the extent of expressing my love for the country as Thundercat has, but I guess it is to be expected being that he’s Thundercat and he can do whatever the eff he wants. If he wants to add a funky groove to his love for anime while getting someone pregnant then why the heck not. His love affair with Tokyo is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s weird, it’s groovy, it’s what we all need.



The Swedish beauty is back with a gorgeous single that puts her right back on the map of securing a spot as an artist worth a second look. Powerful in sound and mesmerizing to watch, LÉON has what it takes to become a household name. The only thing that could hinder such greatness is letting too much time go in between releases.




Fresh from the internet we have MNEK who demands your attention. The socially conscious artist highlights the international topic that seems to be hot on everyone's tongue,
which is police brutality. But let’s face it, close to nobody can come off this cool protesting an injustice.



It might take a few listens to understand the message behind What So Not’s single, “Trust.” First appearances make it seem as if the track is about a struggle with a S.O., but the story line depicts a struggle within oneself. The a mind-bending visual tackles loss, confusion, love and self-exploration that is brought to life with the intense instrumentation and vocals.



Take a second to breathe this one in. The voice alone is strong enough to make anyone go weak in the knees, and it feels like Australian pop artist Quinn Lewis knows exactly how to work his style to his advantage. Coming across this single was an absolutely exciting discovery. This is straight up grade A, full of freshness, and a piece that would be a sin if we were to have let it slip away. It’s a nice balanced gem.



I’m sure that when Liyv uploaded “Like You Mean It,” she knew it would be almost impossible for people to find her because every dang time I went to type her name and the name of her song, Google would come back with a recommendation I didn’t ask for. But alas we are here, and only the lucky ones get a glimpse into the soft rose colored world of Liyv who seems to wear her emotions on her sleeve like so many of us. Partially depressive, partially funny, this is a single perfect for the tragic comedy called LIFE.



Shame on you for making the same mistake I did of prejudging Mark Johns because Mark Johns is a woman who is fighting her way through a male dominant scene and not a man. With Skrillex as her mentor and the talent that speaks for itself, Mark Johns enters the scene making a bold statement. This woman is chill enough to hot box with you but be on guard, she's not one to be messed with.



Amen, Amen, Amen I can change. Amen. Prepared to be cleansed or be prepared to be highly disappointed, but I guarantee this experience will be for good. Steve Angello opens up with a bang...preaching to the choir, speaking what needs to be heard, and straight up dropping a beat so hard it makes your head go numb. Let this be your new life anthem, be wise and listen, and rejoice. Steve Angello will knock your socks off. We only hope you are ready.



Rounding things off with a word I’m familiar with is “Sober.” Funny I say this because it’s easier to not be sober because of the very reasons Raye sings in the stripped version of “Sober.” Painful to hear for some, her vocals really break it down as she cries, “Raye get out I'm screaming to myself right now / Cause you say nice things and I just trust ya / Cause you're too wasted and I'm too sober.” All this is too real right now, but oh so damn beautiful.


spotify That’s all, cats. Hope to share more music with you next week.

Photo” by Brooke Cagle is licensed under CC0.

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