Tom Misch - South of the River

London’s Tom Misch takes us south of the River… Thames that is on “South Of The River”!



Hearing the words ‘going down South,’ tends to immediately conjure images of the Deep South, if you’re American at least, with the scent of bourgainvillea hanging heavy on the air, while sweet steely acoustic guitars twang on the breeze. London producer/singer/songwriter Tom Misch reminds us there’s more to the South than the United States, with the smoothly rolling “South Of The River,” his ode to coming up in London’s southside.

youtubeYou’d be forgiven for thinking “South Of The River” might be a particularly futuristic Pop Country tune for the first :30 seconds, with a squealing fiddle sample joined by catchy handclaps and a slight organ. A funktastic bassline and Misch’s nearly disco vocals make “South Of The River” sound much more like nuevo-funk/soul, a la Bruno Mars or recent Daft Punk than Vince Staples or Sturgill Simpson - probably a good sign for Misch’s crossover potential. “South Of The River” even manages to out-future Daft Punk in its final moment, with a scintillating psychedelic outro, all cottony, woozy synths and spiralling lead guitars. “South Of The River” sounds classic and contemporary, simultaneously.

Tom Misch proves there is much more in common between the U.K. and the United States than some might realize, even musically. We Are: The Guard approve - it’s time to celebrate our mutual humanity rather than harp on differences.  

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