The streaming era has more or less rendered EPs and the slow build obsolete. All that matters now is singles and how well your songs fit on a Corporately-branded playlist. However, Danish trio Fine Glindvad*, Simon Kjær and Simon Andersson, aka CHINAH, has taken that idea and thrown in the trash. The rising stars from Copenhagen have slowly built a groundswell of excitement and anticipation for their debut album, due out later this year, off the success of two wonderful EPs Once The Lights Are On and Hints.

“Yeah Right” is the first offering we’ve heard from said debut album and it does not disappoint. Things start off innocuously enough with bright, airy synths, but they quickly take a dark turn. CHINAH makes sure to keep you on your toes, zigging when you expect them to zag and whatnot.

The lyrics mirror the musical dynamism, as Fine fluxuates between self-doubt and a ‘fuck off I got this’ attitude of self-empowerment in the light of new love throughout the song. “Baby imma let you down” she bemoans, before changing her mind and deciding she’s got this all under control. How could she not, she’s a badass afterall.

And just when you start to get comfortable with this groovy alt R&B ditty, they pull a 180 and head in a brand new direction. “Yeah Right” is full of twists and turns in a way none of the roads in Denmark are.  (At least I could find no evidence of winding roads in Denmark after a 10 minute web search)

That’s neither here nor there. Just listen to this fantastic song and ignore my writing.  



I initially hoped that this song was a cover of the Vince Staples-Kendrick Lamar joint off Big Theory. While that is obviously not the case, this song did remind me of Vince’s music in a number of ways. For starters, it’s not too far removed sonically from Big Fish Theory. The lyrical combination of swagger and crippling anxiety is also right in Mr. Staples’ wheelhouse. I’m not trying to say that CHINAH is the Danish equivalent of Vince Staples, because that wouldn’t be remotely true or accurate.

They are really great though and worth checking out. Be on the lookout for that debut record as well.

* It should be noted that Fine is an extremely kickass first name.


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