Get Stoned with Jaira Burns' "High Rollin'."



Who doesn't prefer to smoke weed when the right playlist is playing in the background? The medical marijuana business is already a multi-billion dollar business and the United States is on its way to being fully legalized.

spotify And if we're really honest about the music industry's intentions, they follow the money as much as they follow the talent. There have been a lot of weed-infused songs coming our way in the last couple of years -- more than ever, really. Besides the obvious-- classics from Snoop Dogg, Afroman, and Bob Dylan --- in the past year alone, we've heard jams inspired by weed from Lana Del Rey, Stormzy, Kid Ink, and now Jaira Burns. Burns' song is called "High Rollin'" so it's not about being discreet about a questionable habit.

"High Rollin'" is the Interscope signee's follow up to equally unencumbered "Ugly," produced alongside LELAND, Cara Salimando, and The Futuristics. The results of the collaboration are bass-heavy melody that basically acts as a DGAF (aka "Don't give a fuck") manual for living life -- ignoring the neighbor's complaints, playing the music loud, and waking and baking. She sings in her silky-smooth way, "I roll one and I smoke up / Always keep it lit / 'Cause we high rollin'"

Isn't there some sort of study that proves cannabis increases creativity? Maybe that's the secret behind Burns' newfound success. Anyway, she is seriously making us question our life choices thus far.