Letting your work speak for itself is more or less the artistic equivalence of the golden rule. We all believe in it and pay lip service to the idea, but in actuality our actions show that we feel we’re too busy to apply it in our own lives while simultaneously expecting it of others.

Just putting your art out there without worrying about consumption, clicks, likes, and all that other self-promotional bullshit sounds nice and refreshing. But who on earth is gonna listen, watch, consume, whatever, your art if they never find out about due to a lack of marketing?

Bostonian Mitch Geist hears your concerns and doesn’t give a f*ck about them. My dude’s socials are fleshed out to the bare minimum. He’s got more information about his work on Linkedin than all his other pages combined. Professional I suppose, and yet this feels flagrantly careless to be so nonchalant about getting your art out to the masses.

Mr. Geist is simply letting his work speak for itself, as we always claim we want artists to do. And when you listen to “nice & slow” you begin to understand why he can get away with it.  


Geist has been a freelance audio engineer for the better part of the decade, all the while making beats and the like in his spare time. Last year he got a credit on the Mayday! LP and he continues to amass followers online despite the aforementioned lack of self-promotion.

“nice & slow” is the perfect track for a lowkey weekend spent recuperating indoors, or track one on your summer fling mixtape. The piano intro reminds me of classic J Dilla beats, while I also hear influences like the Kanye and The Neptunes throughout this song. And while the whole premise of this post is about homie’s lack of exposure, be sure to check out Mitch Geist on Soundcloud and Spotify cause the rest of his music is rad as hell too.

And if you’re a pop star, rapper, or R&B artists, go friend this man on Linkedin and let's get more of his beats out to the world.

See y’all next time. Enjoy the weekend!


Calvin Paradise is not any one thing. The half-hearted vagabond and forgetful luddite currently resides in Los Angeles and how he spends his time is none of your damned business.