Whether or not you'd like to admit it, chances are you've spent at least one moment in front of a mirror or in the shower lip syncing to your favorite pop song. For most, their career never goes beyond those private walls, but then there are those rare exceptions. Ever since she uploaded "Ocean Eyes" and it became a surprise viral hit, Billie Eilish has been deemed a bona fide artist to watch. Fast forward two years later the prodigy just keeps getting better and better, as heard evident in her latest single, "COPYCAT." Did we mention she is only 15?



spotifyOnce you've had your own dose of Eilish's brief catalog, then you'll know that this song is her moodiest, most sophisticated release yet. The song starts with an echoing bass before it drops off and throttling beats swiftly follow her voice's inflections. Those intonations help with describing a story about the side effects of newfound fame—that everyone suddenly wants to be you. The California native sings in her chorus: "Copycat trying to cop my manner / Watch your back when you can't watch mine." She reminds us of Ellie Goulding if she were drowned in Lorde's youthfully rebellious attitude.

So you can't get enough of Eilish? Fear not because her debut EP, dont smile at me (no punctuation purposefully) is premiering on August 11. Oh, and she's also going on her first North American tour come this fall.