Suddenly in the middle of autumn, the weather has taken a turn back to the heat of summer here at the home base of We Are: The Guard. Lulling for the duration of the summer, Jessie Reyez has returned stronger than ever with her newest drop called “Phone Calls.”



soundcloud After a brief hiatus after dropping her Kiddo EP, Canadian hip hop artist Jessie Reyez is back once again meshing her lyrical genius with her truly unique delivery style, seamlessly going back-and-forth spitting rhymes and falling upon her sweet vocals on her various tracks. Industry mainstays like Calvin Harris has taken notice of her talent and even employed Reyez for one of his songs, “Hard to Love.” Her last track reviewed here on We Are: The Guard, “Gatekeeper.” I spoke about her vocal agility, which is pretty much left intact in her newest track, “Phone Calls.” Though the subject matter is not quite as shocking as “Gatekeeper,” it is still features her raw and unadulterated honesty, which is anything but rainbows and sunshine.

In “Phone Calls,” it is all about praising those who were supporters of her craft from the very beginning and blasting the so-called naysayers and patrons on the popularity bandwagon. Her hybrid style takes center-stage once again, so much so that the beats are merely acting as unnecessary staging props. The instrumentals do little else than providing window dressing, but that's not quite a terrible thing when Reyez drives most of the soul and essence of this track. Deliveries are straight to the point and stiff as a rod. Not quite as much sadness as in “Gatekeeper,” Reyez's devious and rebellious nature really takes shape in “Phone Calls.” This lyrical “black sheep” is born and here to stay.