Top Pop Songs - Week 9, 2013

Best of Indie Pop

This is Seth MacFarlane's ass and guest blogger for this week’s Best of Pop that doesn’t suck ass. Haha, get it? No. Okay moving on... I know what you’re thinking...why me and not Seth? Well, in case you missed the joke of a performance at the Oscars, some of the tabloid headlines read: MacFarlane’s ass is screwed. In other words they’re referring to me. I ain’t sticking around to sink with the ship, no sir, not this time. I was destined to shoot out more than just crappy mediocre show tunes.

I’m changing my name, growing a beard, and seeking new employment. If all goes well today (buttcheecks crossed), I might become an official blogger for BitCandy. So with my future on the line, here are the best pop songs that are the hottest shit (no pun intended) floating around the blogosphere.


Phoenix - Entertainment

1901’ seems like eons ago. ‘Entertainment’ is the first track we get to hear from an album that was 2 years in the making? Pardon my French: C’est mierd! I guess when the lead singer of the band is married to a Coppola making music worth listening to doesn’t really matter.


50 Cent featuring Kendrick Lamar & Kidd Kidd - We Up

I thought the day would never come where Mr.G-Unit himself would once again grace our ears. The choice of teaming up with Kendrick Lamar & Kidd Kidd is a bit of a headscratcher, but it works. At least it’s much better than his attempt at kissing sports reporters.


Hudson Taylor - Chasing Rubies (Cherrytree Sessions)  

Looks like Cherrytree Records (home of Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Feist and Roby) has a new fantastic artist on their hands. Already getting a big buzz in Europe these two brothers give folk a modern makeover. Hmm perhaps I should call them up and see if they’re in need of a trumpet player.


Chloe Howl - Rumour

I am obsessed with the freckled face newcomer from the UK. As is often the case with red heads, she’s feisty and it comes through in her lyrics. She brings some much need excitement into the music scene where snoozes and yawns seem to be the trend.


Kaskade & Swanky Tunes feat. Lights - No One Knows Who We Are (Official Video)

Many critics would define this as EDM, but I’m with BitCandy on this one, if it’s good, it belongs on this list. ‘No One Knows Who We Are’ has been on heavy rotation over at my place for the past couple of weeks. And now, as of yesterday we have a video that pairs perfectly with this brilliant track. Animation+Humans+Robots? I’m in.


The Ceremonies - "Land of Gathering" (Official Video)

Let’s give a warm welcome to Michael, Mark, and Matthew. Aside from their perfect Hollister physique, the LA boys take the best out of the last 4 decades, put in a blender, and pour out a song that’s both danceable and memorable. I wonder if they sound as good live as they do on my earphones. What do you guys think?


Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice (Explicit) ft. Drake

I was excited when I heard Lamar’s public plea to Janet Jackson for an appearance on his latest video. But as you’ll notice she never accepted, I guess Ms. Jackson was busy attending her secret wedding. Though the video is not as exciting as ‘Backseat Freestyle,’ ‘Poetic Justice’ is one of the many great tracks from Lamar’s latest album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city.


MNDR - Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Mix)

Could an already perfectly delicious song get any better? Yes, if and only it’s remixed by RAC. The throbbing funky beat  gives new life to the track turning it into something worth bouncing to.


Iggy Azalea Official - Work

Well you don’t say, this girl can spit some rhymes. She sounds like she’s from ATL, or Brooklyn, or Compton, but no, she’s straight up from Australia. Heck if an Aussie can rap what’s to stop my bum from becoming the next American Idol? Look out for her debut album, coming to you this Spring.


Altar for Egos - Leviathan [Promoted]

Check out the promoted post of the week Altar for Egos and their newest track, "Levithan." You can catch more of them on their soundcloud.


Hey, I think I’m pretty good at this. Do I get the job? C’mon give me a chance, I would hate for you to see my booty out on the streets without a job. My future lies in your hands. Hope to see you next week with some more great songs.  Yrs...the Fake Seth.