The Walking Dead - Bad Lip Reading


The next best thing about a The Walking Dead premier or season to just do bad lip reading.  Yes I said it.  Forget about the plight these individuals are on.  That when they die they're going to be turned into zombies.  No, Carl, Rick, Shane, Lori...the 2 old guys and that asian kid, all have something tosay and it's not what you think.


Bad Lip Reading - The Walking Dead (The Walking and Talking Dead)

Some of my favorite new classic lines like from this new revamped interaction between Rick and Darryl:

Daryl:  "I don't want to mess up your DUMB potato basket."

Rick: "A woman thug stole my banjo"..."You have a new one?"

Darryl: "I got Cheetah candy...It's pretty gross...and...I've gotta poo again"

And if you liked that little WTF piece don't forget to check out the Walking Dead 90s style here.  


The Walking Dead - 1995 Style 

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Have fun, funsters.  Oh ... and watch out for those zombies.  The zombie apocalypse.  It's coming.